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Amorita Consulting


Mexican culture is very entrepreneurial - Amorita Consulting was born out of that spirit. Cecilia’s Grandmother, Dolores Zavala is the guiding force behind it.  Dolores ran her own business while raising nine children and countless grandchildren.  She did so by thinking outside of the box and doing whatever it took to make a living. Dolores broke all social norms of her generation. Through her love, support and guidance, she taught her granddaughter to have a singular focus: making your dreams reality.  Dolores coined the phrase "there isn't anything someone can give you, that you can't get for yourself" [you need to provide for yourself].  With fierce independence, hard work ethic, and belief in yourself and your abilities, you can accomplish anything. This is the foundation that guides our work.

 Service Offerings

  • Excellence in Leadership

  • Program Excellence

  • Organizational Excellence

  • Financial Stability

  • Growing Your Brand

  • Community Engagement

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