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Our Services

We provide assistance on business-related matters to nonprofits and small businesses, technical assistance, training, leadership development, and community-based research and evaluation, primarily to communities of color impacted by systemic poverty, racism and injustice. All our services are tailored to meet your individual/organizational or business needs.  Contact us today for a consultation.

Excellence in Leadership

  • Individualized Leadership Coaching

  • Personnel Management

  • Company Wide Leadership Training

  • The Art of Planning and Delegating

Program Excellence

  • Program Design, Evaluation and Quality Assurance

  • Project Management

  • Infrastructure and Capacity Building

  • Program Recruitment and Retention

Organizational Excellence

  • Operational Policy and Procedure Formulation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Corporate/Nonprofit Governance

  • Talent Acquisition

Financial Stability

  • Grant Research and Writing

  • Budgeting and Reporting

  • Capital Campaign Development

  • Fundraising/Event Coordination

Community Engagement

  • Consensus and Relationship Building

  • Community Needs Assessment

  • Data Research and Analysis

Grow Your Brand

  • Alliance and Partnership Building

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Website Development

What Our Clients Say

Dawn Sumpter

Cecilia Zavala, is always such a pleasant person to work with, she goes above and beyond to make sure any event you have goes off without a hitch. I have had several events all different and could not have been happier at how they turned out.

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